Baby Dress Plans

So many things to plan!! :) Now that I found some fabric, I'm researching like crazy on the different types of items to make. I've downloaded Elizabeth Stewart Clark's PDF on dressing infants and here's what I think I should be making so that my baby is a period correct infant:

(If you see any errors in my thinking, PLEASE let me know -- this is all new to me and I'm just doing my best to decipher what "basics" I need for the little one. I could be way wrong about some of this.)

1) Infant chemise or shirt. I found these simply-styled originals here:

2) Diaper/drawers

3) Infant "skirt" or "underdress", like this:

4) Perhaps a button-on second petticoat on the "underdress"

5) Outer dress, like this:

6) Bonnet and shoes and any other outerwear

I sure hope that's the right layering. I'm hoping to make one "really nice" dress (with the super sheer cotton from my previous post), a "nice" everyday dress and underdress out of the batiste, and a couple of plain muslin versions with two different sizes and skirt lengths so I can make the transition into crawling/walking easier.

Any thoughts? Am I on the right track?

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Lauren said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see your creations! How fun to make dresses and clothes for your little one. God Bless!