I've been given a gift!

A gift I can hardly put into words.

I look forward to holding my new little babe in my arms come July 2009! It's hard to believe, and still doesn't seem real but his/her little heart is beating and little ears, nose, and mouth is developing. God is knitting this little being inside me while I knit little booties! Oh, the little Victorian baby clothes to make!

How I've waited for this day!


Sarah said...

Oh, how truly wonderful!!! My heart is aching with happiness for you. What a wonderful, wonderful gift!! Many congratulations!

Mrs. G said...

Amy, how wonderful! This is my "announcement poem", hope you like it.

A blessing is being sent from our Father up above.

He's sending us a little one, a token of our love.

This blessing will arrive here in (early, mid, late) July, by His grace.

How glad we'll be to finally see, our baby, face to face.

Lots of love and good wishes from us!


Adelheide said...

Congratulations! May the Lord bless this wonderful new person.

I have just hopped over to your sweet blog via the Sewing Academy and it looks like I've come at an exciting time. Everything I've seen so far is marvelous, and I think I will become a regular reader.


Me said...


How wonderful that you are with child. I have just recently found your blog and am excited to read it. I see that you too (I have seen other women) sew period clothing. I would love to do that. Where do you find re-enactments to be in? I don’t know of any in our area but would love the opportunity to dress in period clothing. I look forward to hearing from you.


lissawi said...

Congratulations Amy! What a precious gift!! Many exciting days to come!!