A Few Wedding Photos...

We got married on April 19, 2008...but at the Mexia, TX Confederate Reunion Grounds, it was 1864. A gorgeous spring day, with nary a cloud in the sky...a soft breeze...and a preacher charging us -- with all due solemnity -- to love, honor, and cherish each other until death do us part. After all the work it took to pull off our "simple" wedding, I really can't ask for anything better than the day we got. It was just so beautiful.

For all who are interested, the wedding dress I chose was an 1864 Charles F. Worth wedding gown, currently housed in the archives of a New York museum (see pic at right). It really is stunning. The picture I had was of the ball gown bodice, but when I ordered the pictures, I was able to get pictures of the wedding bodice as well (which looked like a standard day-wear bodice). Unfortunately, though, you couldn't see hardly any of it except for the sleeves. So, I had to do my best and sort of make it up. I left off the swans down, but kept the glass pearls.

On the evening bodice, I managed to recreate it in all its glory. (Sorry for the grainy was night-time...and I was so tired. Getting married is such an ordeal!) I used a mini marabou to simulate the swans down, one of my friends helped me finish the crystal beaded fringe, and my mother finished up the trim that covered the raw edge of the down. It was a project, to say the least. If you want close-up pics, I can provide them.

My hoop was new, was an 1864 covered hoop from "Corsets & Crinolines" by Norah Waugh. It looked like it would have this long train at the back, but with all the fabric heaped on it, it smooshed a bit and gave me the perfect silhouette I'd been dreaming of. Now if only I can make that up in a cage instead of a covered hoop, I'd be in business.

I have so many people to thank. :) I still haven't been had an opportunity to wear my "bridal satin" (taffeta!) since the wedding, although it was expected that a bride appear in her wedding clothes during the first year or two of marriage. I hope to wear the ball dress this December, at our unit's Christmas event! I just hope I can fit in it! Ha!


Mrs. G said...

You look lovely, I wish I'd had a period wedding~


Amy said...

Thank you! I'm really glad we went this route; an added bonus was that my husband's uncle did the wedding AND was willing to dress up! :)

I've been perusing your blog, too. Your family is beautiful, and it's wonderful you're trying to achieve self-sufficiency. That's my goal, too. One day at a time, though, eh?

Sarah said...

What a lovely wedding! *sigh* your gown is SO gorgeous. It is nice to see ladies who have a period-style wedding wearing long sleeve bodices. Most reenactor weddings around here have the ladies in ball gowns, which, while lovely, are not perhaps the best choice for a daytime wedding. You look perfect! Congratulations once again!

Annette Bethke said...

You were beautiful! Such a great site for a wedding. Enjoyed it very much.

Jennifer J. said...

We had intended to go to Mexia but were not able to make it. I heard about a couple marrying there and am pleased to see it was you. Your photographs are lovely!